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John Curtin Medallists

Peter Moyes (1999)

Peter Moyes has played a leading role in education in WA over the past 40 years.

As part of his vision of creating a progressive education system, he has focused community attitudes about education and provided the intellectual and motivational leadership needed to promote change.

As well as being an inaugural member of the Commonwealth Schools Commission, when it was set up under the prime ministership of Gough Whitlam, he was responsible for setting up the first remedial education centre in WA.

Peter was the Principal of Christ Church Grammar School for 31 years and prided himself on his ability to remember the name of every boy who went through his school. Today, Christ Church is widely recognised as one of our most outstanding schools with a well-deserved international reputation.

Peter was also a founding member of Curtin University's first Council, in the days when it was the Western Australian Institute of Technology, and helped provide it with direction in its important early days as a new-style centre of learning.

After retiring from his position at Christ Church in 1981, he set up the Anglican Schools Commission, became its first Chairman, and was directly responsible for the establishment of five Anglican schools which offer low fees to students.

He has until recently continued to work at a furious pace for his community, demonstrating an extraordinary ability to meet challenges and to energise those around him.

His life has been a celebration of the values of honesty and selflessness.

To commemorate his exceptional achievements, an Anglican community school is currently being built at Mindarie which will bear his name.

The awarding of the John Curtin Medal to Peter Moyes enables the University to also recognise the enormous contribution he has made to the field of education, and to celebrate a career of true service.

Recognising his outstanding vision, leadership and community service will help to cement the close ties that he holds with this institution and highlight the important difference that committed and far-seeing individuals can make within their chosen field.