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The Granny Smith Gold Mine Company (2000)

The Granny Smith Gold Mine Company has shown leadership to the mining industry in Australia particularly in working with Native Title claimants for a just resolution of the issues, regular ongoing cultural awareness training of all its staff, and mine site rehabilitation.

‘Granny Smith’ is regarded by its peers as being at the leading edge of the development of sustainable environmental practices, and the employment of Aboriginal people in mainstream jobs on mine sites.

‘Granny Smith’ has worked with the local communities of Laverton and Leonora to increase training opportunities for Aborigines. They have facilitated mutually beneficial community partnerships, including Curtin Volunteers!, to enable projects such as:

Through its parent company Placer Dome Inc, ‘Granny Smith’ is part of the World Alliance for Community Health. In association with four other companies, Placer Dome is working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to rid indigenous communities of malaria and other mosquito borne diseases in several areas of Papua New Guinea. Placer Dome is the only mining company in the world to have had more than one project approved by WHO.

Granny Smith and Placer Dome have eschewed short-term profits, through a longer-term strategy that seeks to build public confidence in the company as a responsible corporate citizen.

The awarding of the John Curtin Medal to Granny Smith Gold Mine Company acknowledges and acclaims publicly the stand ‘Granny Smith’ has taken regarding setting mining industry benchmarks for working with indigenous communities and establishing sustainability practices. The award should also engender the support of the wider community for mining companies who respect the needs of people and the environment they live in.