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David Goldstone

David Goldstone - 2007 John Curtin Medal recipients David Goldstone - 2007 John Curtin Medal recipient

Throughout his life, David Goldstone has shown a remarkable capacity for giving. He has devoted nearly forty years to charity work, motivated by a strong desire to make a difference to those less fortunate.

The impetus to help others began when, at the age of 20, he was diagnosed with polio. A fit and healthy young man, he was given just 24 hours to live.

Revealing an early glimpse of the determined spirit that was to drive him throughout life, David overcame this debilitating disease and went on to council and inspire other sufferers for many years.

He has since worked with many hundreds of Western Australians, undertaking numerous fundraising projects for a diverse range of worthy causes at a local and international level.

David has given an immense amount of time and energy to Rotary International since 1969. However, it wasn't until his retirement from a successful career in commerce in 1996 that he began what he describes as 'the busiest period of his life'.

One of his most significant projects was his 1999 'Pennies for Polio Campaign' which raised $84,000 towards Rotary's world-wide Polio Eradication Program. Over the past twenty years the number of children paralysed or killed annually by the disease has reduced from 500,000 to less than 1,000. It is a testament to David's unwavering belief, tenacity and focus that he was able to raise money and awareness in Australia which is seemingly, polio free.

David's organisational abilities have seen him involved in many other fundraising ventures. A special event on his calendar is the Subiaco Craft and Community Fair, a community project he has chaired for the past five years. Under David's guidance it has become the largest fair of its kind in the state, raising a phenomenal $100,000 in four years towards CanTeen, Camp for Kids and the St John of God Foundation Horizon Program.

He has made a significant contribution to the Horizon Program, which aims to find solutions for the long term housing dilemma for the young and homeless. David has secured recurring financial assistance to support the five Horizon homes that have been established in WA that house, support and care for the disadvantaged.

David's ties with the St John of God Foundation have also lead him to fundraising for the new $30 million Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Subiaco.

In 2003, Rotary WA commenced a campaign to establish the first public cord blood bank facility in Perth. David's efforts in organising a fundraising dinner at Government House Ballroom in November 2006 raised nearly $170,000 net proceeds in that one night alone.

Dedicating ones time to an altruistic way of life demands perseverance and a sustained focus on the end goal. It also requires the energy to inspire and motivate others to give their time and support to work for which they are unlikely to be renumerated. In total, David has helped raise more than $10 million for charity in Western Australia and the number of lives he has touched is countless.

David Goldstone is indeed a very worthy recipient of the John Curtin Medal.